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Useful Sources of Information

Facility Reports and Information

National Primate Research Center System – Facts You Weren’t Supposed to Know

Protocols for Animal Use and Care: What Researchers do to Animals (Written in their own words.)

NIH Internal Government Grants Database

NIH Reporter

General Access Letter

Alternatives to Animal Research and Testing

Chimpanzees at New Iberia Research Center

Tables from the Fiscal Year 2002 Animal Care Report posted by the United States Department of Agriculture/Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service


USDA - Animal Welfare Act Inspections - 2006

USDA - AWA Inspections - 2005

USDA Animal Welfare Enforcement Report - 2005

USDA 2001 Animal Welfare Enforcement Report Error Table

USDA Animal Experimentation Statistics

USDA - APHIS Violation Summary - 2006
USDA - APHIS Violation Summary - 2005
USDA -APHIS Violation Summary - 2004
USDA - APHIS Violation Summary - 2002

US Government Facilities that do Research on Animals
Government Grants Promoting Cruelty to Animals
US Government Department of Defense Facilitie